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Anton James
Software Engineer
I'm Seasoned Full-stack Software Engineer with a background in Computer Science education and over 5 years of expertise in both Front-end and Back-end Development. Proficient in crafting, deploying, and optimizing web applications using a diverse tech stack including JavaScript/TypeScript, React.js, Redux, Ruby on Rails, and Next.js. Led a team of engineers to successfully develop and deliver a website for donations, company updates, and charity events. Passionate about seeking new challenges to continually refine and expand the skill set.
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I started my career in 2015 after completing a Master's degree in Computer Science and Math. For the following two years, I worked as a CS teacher, helping students to understand core Computer Science concepts.

In 2018 I accepted an offer from Highlight Agency and took the position of Front-end Software Engineer there. Back then I collaborated with a team of engineers on building websites for clients of the Agency. While working there I polished my expertise with JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, and React while also learning how to work with responsive design and collaborate effectively with team members.

In early 2023 I joined Blue&Yellow Foundation as a Full-stack Developer, where I was working on their company’s website, and led a team of engineers while being responsible for features like Stripe and Eventbrite integration. In this role, I polished my knowledge of the Next.js framework and integration of 3rd party APIs.

Today, I have a strong foundation in front-end and back-end development, especially utilizing JavaScript/TypeScript, React, Next.js, Node.js, and Tailwind CSS tech stack. My goal is to keep growing as a professional and improve my skills.


Blue & Yellow

Website for Donations

My contributions:

• Led a team of engineers to successfully develop and deploy a web application for donations utilizing JavaScript, Next.js, and Tailwind CSS as the core stack.

• Leveraged Next.js SSR to enhance website performance, cutting load time from 4.11s to 2.13s and boosting SEO.

• Integrated multiple third-party APIs and Web Services, enhancing the functionality and usability of the website.

• Designed and crafted multiple components using JavaScript and React.js, ensuring a smooth user experience and efficient state management.

• Developed and tested RESTful endpoints enabling full CRUD functionality.

• Utilized PostgreSQL database for efficient data storage and retrieval, reducing load times and minimizing expenses associated with API calls.

• Crafted a responsive design with Tailwind CSS, ensuring an optimal UX across diverse devices.



Cryptocurrency Tracking App

My contributions:

• Crafted reusable and modular React.js components, following object-oriented principles, resulting in clean and reusable code with improved scalability.

• Utilized the Coingecko API to enable users to access real-time data on cryptocurrency prices and trading coins.

• Leveraged the TradingView API to provide users with interactive price charts for cryptocurrency trading.

• Deployed web application to Vercel, enabling efficient CI/CD pipelines for future scaling and SaaS model implementation.

culture bot project


Employee Engagement App

My contributions:

• Developed a customized solution by integrating ChatGPT into the platform using Python and Open AI API, enriching user experience.

• Designed a data collection pipeline to continuously gather up-to-date information from various sources for analysis and integration into responses.

• Employed BeautifulSoup to streamline the extraction of data from various news portals, ensuring relevant content.



Personalized Activity Recommender

My contributions:

• Implemented React Router for client-side routing, which enabled quick navigation and bookmarking within the web application.

• Employed Redux.js to centralize state management, minimizing unnecessary re-renders and improving web application performance resulting in savings of over $24,000.

• Collaborated with backend engineers to optimize data retrieval from MongoDB and additional Web Services within an Agile environment.

• Employed CSS features such as Grid, Transitions, Animations, and Media Queries to enhance the interface and user experience.



Video Game Store

My contributions:

• Integrated Ruby on Rails with React.js to create a dynamic and easy-to-scale e-commerce platform.

• Engineered authentication mechanisms and JSON Web Tokens to ensure secure access to REST APIs.

• Simplified interactions with the PostgreSQL database by using ActiveRecord ORM enabled swift and effective data manipulation.

• Employed AWS for storing product images, leading to reliable accessibility, and reduced retrieval latency.

• Constructed multiple RESTful routes to ensure complete CRUD capability within the application.

racing game project


Fast-paced Racing Game

My contributions:

• Crafted custom game physics and challenging gameplay by employing vanilla JavaScript.

• Leveraged the Canvas API to generate smooth visual effects, resulting in increased user engagement.

• over 10 hours of development time and enhanced code efficiency by implementing OOP principles.



Ola Parks

Founder of Blue&Yellow Foundation

I had the privilege of working with Anton James as a Team Lead during website development for Blue&Yellow Foundation. His professionalism, organizational prowess, and regular communication with stakeholders were instrumental in the project's success. Despite his role as a team lead, Anton showcased exceptional collaborative skills, fostering a cohesive and efficient working environment. His full-stack technical expertise, coupled with outstanding frontend engineering skills, played a crucial role in delivering a top-notch product. Anton's meticulous attention to detail further ensured the project's quality. I highly recommend Anton James for any leadership or technical role, as his dedication and skill set make him an invaluable asset to any team or project.

Tim Carter

CCO, Managing Partner at Highlight

I was Anton's supervisor during his work on our company's website development. Anton's work ethic, technical expertise, and dedication were exceptional. His meticulous approach ensured on-time, high-quality deliverables. His proficiency in various programming languages was evident in overcoming complex challenges. Anton's commitment to achieving our project's goals makes him an invaluable asset to any team. I highly recommend Anton James!